There has been a lot of rumours around about the Frampton Cotterell Facebook group, "the Frampton Blog".


About 4 years ago while setting up the VA website we thought it might be a good idea to have a Facebook presence which would enable more interactive communication with residents. We learned that there was already a Facebook group whose purpose was exactly that so, rather than reinvent the wheel, we suggested to the creator of that group that we should combine forces. This was agreed and Jen and I became Admins. At the time the group, the Frampton Blog, had about 50 members.


Nothing much happened for the next couple of years but the group slowly grew in numbers. In  late  2013/early 2014, following some rather contentious postings, we introduced some guidelines on acceptable behaviour. These were all common sense points  to stop the group being swamped by spammers, trolls and people just being offensive.


The group continued to grow in size and by the end of 2014 it had reached 1600 members. The number of contentious posts had increased and one or two people had been asked to desist from offensive or provocative posts. A few of the more contentious posts had been removed by the administrators but generally the administrators tried to maintain a hands-off approach, intervening only when asked by a member of the group or if a particularly offensive comment was posted (foul language, provocative posts intended to cause trouble or personal insults the usual reasons).  Despite this a few people had left the group because they didn't like the tone of some comments and a new group had been set up  whose aims were similar but who encouraged only "positive" postings).


In early February, one member of the group was removed by the administrators following his latest provocative posting. He had previously been repeatedly asked to observe the guidelines of the group and the administrators unanimously decided to remove him for the sake of the majority.

0n Wednesday 11 February 2015, someone shared a link to a posting about the Coalpit Heath pre school which had appeared on their Facebook page. One of the FC blog administrators subsequently received a phone call from PCSO Andy Pound asking her to remove the post. She did so. This gave rise to a storm of protests and when the Administrators gave the reasons for the decision they were accused of lying, being friends of the trustees and of suppressing freedom of speech. At the same time someone posted that a member of the group had been removed recently and this was added to the accusations of censorship against the administrators.