Avon Fire and Rescue - Chinese Lanterns

posted 3 Mar 2015, 07:16 by Phil Handy   [ updated 3 Mar 2015, 13:14 ]
The Avon Fire Authority recently received support from the Parish Council to prohibit the planned use of Chinese Lanterns at events taking place on property belonging to the Parish Council.They state:

"The floating lanterns contain a naked flame which represents a significant fire risk to life and property when they come down to earth. Footage from a CCTV camera proved a single lantern was to blame for a fire at a recycling plant in the West Midlands in 2013 which had to be tackled by more than 200 firefighters and 39 fire engines.

Sky lanterns also pose a risk to livestock, with cases of animals being injured or killed from eating the metal parts accidentally chopped into animal feed during harvest, or getting caught in wire frames that have landed in fields.

Lanterns have also been mistaken for distress flares at sea, placing a demand on the resources of HM Coastguard."