Frampton Cotterell and District Local History Society February 2020

posted 10 Feb 2020, 07:24 by Phil Handy   [ updated 10 Feb 2020, 07:45 ]
“Quakers in South Gloucestershire” 
A talk by Roger Angerson 

The fascinating history  of how Bristol was an early stronghold of the Quakers, the movement reached Bristol in 1654.  Many of the leading families were members, the Fry family, founders of  the chocolate empire  and noted prison reformers;  William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, lived and married here; William Champion, builder of Europe's biggest brass foundry and the amazing Warmley grotto; so was Thomas Goldney, merchant and creator of the equally remarkable Goldney House grotto in Clifton;  Clark's, the shoe-manufacturing family; Morlands, the sheepskin people Cottrells (wallpaper); Sturge (estate agency and surveying); Woolley (caravans); Dr Fox, the Brislington pioneer of the treatment of the insane -- were all members of the Society of Friends. 

Broadmead Church recorded bitterly: "They would frequently trouble us, shaking, trembling, or quaking like persons in a fit of the ague, while they spake with a screaming voice, " so this is how the Society got its familiar nickname.

In 2020  Frenchay Quakers continue to use the Frenchay Meeting House and the  Thornbury Quakers meet in The Chantry. 

Wed 19 Feb  2020, 7.30 pm

Zion Church, Woodend Road

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