Frampton Cotterell Rocks!

posted 15 Sep 2017, 14:08 by Phil Handy
A new community activity for all to join in.

Local parent, Hannah Lumby, writes:

"Many communities in the UK have started doing this as a way to get more people enjoying the outdoors and engaging with others in the community. We've set up a version of the activity for Frampton and already almost 300 people have joined (there is no cost involved.

How it works:

Find or buy some pebbles, paint/decorate them and place them around Frampton Cotterell in public places for others to find. If you find a painted/decorated rock, keep it, leave it, or rehide it. Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun - kids, adults, grandparents. The more the merrier 😀
  • Please put Frampton Cotterell Rocks on the back of your rock to indicate that it's linked to this community. If whoever finds it is on Facebook they can post a photo of their find on the 'Frampton Cotterell Rocks' Facebook group so the person who painted it knows they have made someone's day.
  • Waterproof pens or acrylic paint plus a sealant will withstand the rain best.
  • Please don't attach extra material such as sequins or goggly eyes in case they fall off and damage wildlife.

Full details are in the 'Frampton Cotterell Rocks' Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook, still join in - all you have to do is paint some pebbles and hide them!"