Green Dog Walkers Scheme

posted 27 May 2012, 08:47 by Phil Handy   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 03:36 ]
The Frampton Cotterell Parish Council has agreed to trial a Green Dog Walkers Scheme in our community to combat the unpleasantness of dog mess in our streets, playing fields and on rural footpaths.  
Dog owners/walkers are invited to join the scheme which is free and is intended to encourage all dog owners to take responsibility for clearing up after their pets.

As well as being unpleasant and smelly, dog fouling is responsible for causing diseases - with primary school children and football players being most at risk.  After it has lain on the ground for two weeks worms develop which can cause toxacara canis, roundworm, salmonell, E-coli - resulting in pneumonia, asthma and blindness.  However it is safe to clean up "on the spot".

If you see someone wearing a Green Dog Walkers armband it means that they have taken the Pledge to:
  • always clean up after their dog
  • carry extra doggie bags
  • gladly give a bag to other dog walkers.
The scheme was launched on Mon 28th May at the Brockeridge Centre.   For more information contact us or visit the Brockeridge Centre.