Green Dog Walkers Scheme - March update

posted 3 Mar 2013, 04:29 by Phil Handy   [ updated 6 Mar 2013, 07:44 ]
Dog fouling in the village continues to be an issue which needs to be tackled.   The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets but there is still a small minority who fail to do so. This leads to people viewing all dog walkers with suspicion particularly in areas where dog fouling is prevalent.

If you want to demonstrate that you are a responsible dog owner, you can join the Green Dog Walkers scheme to show that you always clean up after your dog and that you will encourage others to do the same.

We have recently acquired some "lead sleeves" as an alternative to the armbands which have previously been used by members of the scheme. These can be firmly attached to the lead of your canine friend so that every time you take it for a walk you can demonstrate your support for the scheme and encourage further participation.

If you want to join the scheme then visit the Brockeridge Centre in Woodend Road, sign the pledge (see below) and pick up your armband or lead sleeve. There are already more than 40 people who have joined the scheme and by continuing to promote this we can help to clean up our village.

Finally, to continue to drive this initiative forward we are looking for a dog owner who would be willing to take a lead (pun intended!) in making sure that the scheme is a success in the community. Contact us if you would like to join Village Action to help with this initiative.

The Green Dog Walkers pledge:

I hereby volunteer to accept a Green Dog Walkers Armband/Lead Sleeve and pledge to take part in the campaign as follows:
  1. I will wear the armband as often as ossible when walking my dog(s).
  2. I will at all times clean up after my dog and dispose of the bag in a bin.
  3. When others walk my dog I will encourage them to clean up after my dog.
  4. I understand that wearing the armband indicates that I will carry extra doggie bags to distribute to other dog walkers if requested.
  5. At no time when wearing the armband will I aggressively confront other dog walkers about dog fouling. I fully understand that Green Dog Walkers is intended to be a non-confrontational and friendly campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling.
  6. I agree that Green Dog Walkers may contact me to take part in questionnaires or surveys regarding my Green Dog Walker experience, to help judge the success of the project.