Himalayan Balsam Update

posted 21 Jul 2017, 08:06 by Phil Handy
Our volunteers have been busy again this summer clearing Himalayan Balsam along the Frome. There is appreciably less balsam this year in areas we have previously cleared though some regrowth is inevitable from the existing seed bank or from seeds carried down by the river. 

The warm spring seems to have accelerated growth so that plants are already setting seeds in July. On the positive side, the lack of rain has meant that the river level is low so it has been easier to access the bank opposite to the Frome Valley Walkway.

Each year we are able to access new areas so reducing the chance of re-infestation. Details of our activities can be seen in the Frampton Cotterell Balsam Journal

Clearing balsam is enjoyable, light exercise in the fresh air. Contact us if you'd like to join us.