Jubilee Festival Photos... and More

posted 5 Jun 2012, 06:28 by Phil Handy   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 11:36 ]

A large and enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Centenary Field on Monday 4 June to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  On a fine, dry evening people enjoyed picnics, the live music and the various activities which were available.

The evening culminated in a short address by Stephen Newell, the pastor at Zion Church, followed by the lighting of the Beacon and a magnificent firework display.

See the Photo Gallery for lots more photos.

Many residents have commented on Facebook and with this website about how much they enjoyed the festival and have expressed their thanks for the hard work of the organisers and the many people who helped in the preparation and in ensuring that the event was a success. 

One special message of thanks was received from Rachel Trudgian:

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all those people who pulled together at the end of the brilliant evening on Monday over at Centenary Field when my son, James, disappeared in the crowd as we were leaving. There was so much concern and everyone searched high & low even all the children. It just goes to show what a great community we live in. Good at celebrating and good at helping each other out - what more could we ask for!

In the event James was safe and well and half way home having tagged himself onto another family! Thanks again to everyone who helped!!"