Keeping our Environment Clean

posted 11 Sep 2012, 04:19 by Phil Handy   [ updated 16 Sep 2012, 15:23 ]

Litter Busters
Village Action Litter Busters continue to meet monthly to pick up litter around the village.  Get involved by visiting their website or just turn up for one of their litter picking sessions (see Diary).

Green Dog Walkers
The Green Dog Walkers Scheme has recruited more than 30 people so far.  These volunteers, who can be recognised by their green armband or dog collar, have pledged to always pick up after their dog and to provide bags to other people if requested.  If you wish to join them, contact the Brockeridge Centre and demonstrate to the community that you are a responsible dog owner.

Disposing of large items
Larger items of waste can be taken to the local authority Sort It!* centres.  For details about opening times, permitted items, etc see the Sort It website.  

Fly Tipping
Fly tipping along our country lanes is unsightly and potential hazardous.  South Gloucestershire Council has a zero tolerance approach to fly tipping.  You can report incidents of fly tipping via their Streetcare website.