posted 1 Apr 2011, 02:20 by Phil Handy   [ updated 16 Apr 2011, 14:16 ]

Demand for allotments is extremely high in our area.  Frampton Cotterell, Winterbourne and Iron Acton parishes all have long waiting lists and people have to wait around five years to be allocated a plot.  At the same time other people may have land which they do not have time to cultivate and would welcome the opportunity to share it, possibly in return for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Landshare is an initiative started by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall which brings together people with land to spare with those who would like to make use of it to grow fruit and vegetables.  

There are a few people in the area already signed up for Landshare.  We encourage more people with land to spare, eg a large garden which you don't have time to cultivate, to sign up in order to help alleviate the demand for allotments.  

Also Landshare encourages people searching for land to group together to put pressure on local councils to provide more space for allotments.

Either visit the Landshare web site or contact us for more information.

The photo above shows some of the well tended and highly sought after allotments in Mill Lane, Frampton Cotterell.