Planning Application - St Peter's Church

posted 1 Apr 2013, 08:30 by Phil Handy
A local resident writes:

"I urgently request your support for St Peter's Church in our lovely village.

St Peter's Church, Frampton Cotterell, currently needs support from the community in a planning application. Following speaking with South Gloucestershire council, the Church has replaced an old wooden shed with a new one. The Reverend Malcolm Strange was led to believe that this was not a problem. Following building the shed he has been informed that as the Church is a Grade 2 listed building a planning application is necessary particularly as the conservation officer unfortunately objects on grounds that the shed is not in keeping with the building. 

I am requesting your support on this as the shed is for the congregation's Sunday School and will allow the children their own area. The picture attached shows the shed that has been built and I am sure you'll agree that this is not an ill fitted building."

To register your comment for or against this planning application, please visit the SGC website for planning application PT13/0889/F and click '' Make a Public Comment''. 

Note, the deadline for submitting a comment is 
9 April 2013.