Report to Parish Council 2019

posted 24 Apr 2019, 08:29 by Phil Handy   [ updated 30 May 2019, 08:33 ]
Frampton Cotterell Annual Parish Meeting  - 17 April 2019 

The Committee was set up in 2008 with the Parish Council’s support.  We work in partnership with residents.  There are currently 8 Committee Members including one parish councillor.   We have been continuing with many activities set up over recent years, and have some new projects which we are working on.  All our work is led by volunteers.

Village Walks/ Walking for Health/ Window Art Trail - we encourage walking in our lovely countryside by providing free online maps and directions and by promoting Walks for Health.  Most walks are enjoyed by 10-20 local people.   We also produced the popular Heritage Walks , the Hatters' Trails booklet and we organised the Window Art Trail which we plan to repeat.

Village Action website and Facebook page - We continue to publicise items of interest, Village Action activities, Village diary, maps, and resources and act as a channel for responding to queries and offers to volunteer.

Litter Busters - group of 20 regular volunteers doing monthly litter picks. Over the last year we have helped the new ‘Frampton Litter Walks’ family group - who litter pick at weekends, with equipment and advice.

Good Neighbours Scheme - befriending and practical support scheme.  40 active volunteers.  Over 100 people helped since 2013.  We visit isolated older folk and carry out ‘one off’ projects like garden tidy-ups.

Work to combat dog fouling -  We have worked hard over the last three years to persuade South Glos Council to adopt a Public Space Protection Order to discourage dog fouling and get dog walkers to carry ‘poo bags’.  This work has finally paid off and an order has just been signed.  We hope this will be used to educate the very small minority of dog walkers who act in an antisocial way.

Neighbourhood Watch - promoting NHW across our village, sharing NHW bulletins and updates on local Facebook blogs. Membership is increasing and all parts of the village are covered by a Watch group.

Community Orchard on Glebe Land - Arranging planting of local Magnum plum trees in the orchard.

Invasive Weeds - A group of volunteers worked all through last summer to clear the Frome of Himalayan Balsam - an invasive and destructive plant.  We feel we are making real progress and are seeing the results with native plants springing up where we used to have huge banks of balsam!

Men’s Shed/Repair cafe - We plan to collaborate with Zion Church’s ‘Repair cafe’ idea, linking it if possible to the introduction of a Men’s Shed

Getting involved - we work with other local groups such as Floral Friends, Community Engagement Forum, Frampton Festival, Beacon Centre/Zion; St Peters Christmas Tree Festival; Frome Valley Medical Centre Patients Participation Group etc