Tackling Himalayan Balsam

posted 26 Jun 2015, 06:20 by Phil Handy   [ updated 26 Jun 2015, 06:21 ]
The Avon Invasive Weeds Forum has arranged a day of action to tackle the problem of Himalayan Balsam along the River Frome in Frampton Cotterell. This non-native plant self-seeds along water courses and forms dense clumps which out-compete native plants. It is important to destroy the plant before it has chance to set seeds and create the next generation. Fortunately it is very shallow rooted so can easily be pulled out.

The group will be meeting on:
9th July at 10:30am
The Globe in Church Road. 

Wear long sleeves, long trousers and gloves as the H Balsam likes to associate with nettles! Wear sturdy shoes or, if you want to wade in the river, wellingtons. Bring a drink and a picnic for lunch.

Attacking from the river bed