Tackling Invasive Weeds

posted 7 Aug 2015, 12:44 by Phil Handy   [ updated 26 Aug 2015, 06:21 ]
Local volunteers have been working with the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum (AIWF) to halt the spread of Himalayan Balsam along the River Frome. In order to assist with local eradication efforts, AIWF have presented Village Action with a set of equipment which has been donated by the SITA Trust.

The majority of Himalayan Balsam on the stretch of the Frome between Church Road and Rectory Road has now been cleared for this year. This process will need to be repeated in subsequent years until the seed bank has been exhausted. The generous donation of equipment will enable the local volunteers to reach less accessible parts of the river which will help prevent the Himalayan Balsam from re-establishing itself.

If you'd like to join one of our working groups please get in touch.