Tackling Invasive Weeds along the River Frome

posted 3 Jul 2013, 11:52 by Phil Handy   [ updated 15 Jul 2013, 06:35 ]
On Tuesday 2nd July a team of conservation volunteers assisted by volunteers from Frampton Cotterell tackled some of the Himalayan Balsam along the River Frome between St Peters Church and Rectory Road. Himalayan Balsam is a non native plant which is causing problems along our water courses and the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum (AIWF) is coordinating efforts to control its spread.

If you walk along the river you can see the results of their efforts near to the community orchard.

 Before  After 

There is still a large amount of Himalayan Balsam along this stretch of the river as well as at other places along the Frome Valley Walkway and AIWF are proposing to arrange another clearance session in August.  However it will require repeated efforts to eradicate it completely. Village Action are considering setting up a conservation group in the community who will tackle this and other conservation related activities.   If you are interested in taking part in such a group please get in touch so that we can gauge how much interest there will be.

Click on the slideshow below to see more photos.

Invasive weeds pull