Travel Offers

posted 21 Feb 2014, 09:03 by Phil Handy   [ updated 21 Feb 2014, 09:04 ]

Wheels to Work West has three offers that could suit you if you are unemployed and n
eed help with transport to work or training.

Bike Loan Scheme

If you are over 16 years old, and need help getting to work related training, interviews or a new job, then you may be eligible for a free loan bike. A range of women’s and men’s ‘Ridgeback’ hybrid bikes are available from the Bristol Bike Project, and can be initially loaned for up to 2 months. To borrow a bike you will need to be referred by one of the organisations listed.

Bus Ticket Scheme

If you need help with specific journeys, such as interviews, careers fairs, workplace training or the start of a new job, then you may be able get a free bus ticket. Their partner organisations can give these out if they think you are suitable.

Loan to Buy Scooter Scheme

Their Loan to Buy Scooter scheme is for people who have been offered a job or have started a job in the last 4 weeks, after being a job seeker. If you are struggling to get to your job and either live or work in Bristol or South Gloucestershire then you may be a suitable candidate. You can apply online at: www.travelwest. info/scooterrequest or contact the Wheels to Work team.


For further information please contact:; Tel: 01454 868244