Woodlands Farm - Planning Application and Site Visit

posted 26 Mar 2013, 04:04 by Phil Handy   [ updated 28 Mar 2013, 04:13 ]
The application to build 400 houses on Woodlands Farm is provisionally scheduled to come before the SGC Planning Committee for a decision on Thursday 9 May at 2:30pm in the Thornbury Council Offices (subject to confirmation). 

A Site Visit by the committee has been arranged for 11:30am on Friday 5 April. 

Access will be gained from the kissing gate on the footpath leading from St Saviour's Rise across the green space to the open fields. (See yellow pin on the map below.)

Housing development site

It is important that all those who can attend do so to show local opposition to the planning application.

At the recent hearing (see summary) to discuss the SGC Core Strategy, Woodlands Farm was not identified as a site for additional housing to meet the Inspector's requirements for new dwellings in the first five years of the plan. However Woodlands Farm was not specifically ruled out, so the planning application will still be considered in accordance with the normal planning process.

See also SGC Consultations where representations are now invited on the Inspector’s Further Main Modifications to the Core Strategy.  All comments received will be passed to the Inspector for his consideration.