Woodlands Farm Proposed Development

posted 1 Dec 2012, 12:35 by Phil Handy
Richard Merrick of the "Keep Woodlands Farm Green" campaign writes:

"You may have just received an invitation from Barratts Builders to a public exhibition at Coalpit Heath Cricket Club on Tuesday 4th December at 5pm – 9pm.   The purpose of this exhibition is to discuss their proposals to develop the remainder of Woodlands Farm.

The position of South Gloucestershire Council is quite clear.   The Council opposes the Government Inspector’s demands for more housing in the next five years.   If he will not change his mind the Council has very reluctantly proposed  ear-marking extra land for housing in Thornbury, not Coalpit Heath.

Development of Woodlands Farm does not feature in the Council’s proposals or in the Inspector’s requirements.   From the huge number of letters and emails which residents sent supporting the Council’s Core strategy proposals it is blindingly obvious that the local community in general are not prepared to accept any further development of Woodlands Farm.

If you wish to object now to Barratts proposals for further development of Woodlands Farm you should make your views known by emailing Barratts at info@meetingplacecommunications.com or by telephone on 01225 422243 in the strongest possible terms at the publication of this misleading material.   Your email could contain sentences such as :

Their invitation relating to the “shortfall in housing in South Gloucestershire” is inaccurate, misleading, inappropriate and should be withdrawn immediately. Also, they are describing the land as being in Frampton Cotterell which it is not.   It should be correctly described as Woodlands Farm Coalpit Heath."