Woodlands Farm Proposed Development

posted 18 Jan 2013, 09:00 by Phil Handy   [ updated 23 Jan 2013, 04:28 ]
Barratt's have now lodged a Planning Application with SGC. The Campaign Group have issued the following Press Release in response.


Residents living in the vicinity of Woodlands Farm, Coalpit Heath have received notification from South Gloucestershire Council that a Planning Application has been received by them from Barratts Builders for the development of the remaining part of Woodlands Farm with 380 houses.

Richard Merrick, co-ordinator of the “Save Woodlands Farm” campaign said, “This beautiful valley, at present actively farmed, has not been earmarked for housing or any other development either by South Gloucestershire Council or the Inspector presently conducting the Council’s ‘Core Strategy’ proceedings. Many local residents are greatly alarmed that Barratts intend to cover the whole of Woodlands Farm with houses and thereby losing forever the green fields which form a highly important part of the local environment Many families who have moved into this vicinity in recent years have done so because of the attraction of the rural character of the surroundings. The Government have made it clear that they will take into account the views of the community when considering development. We hope that the views of this community will be supported and that Woodlands Farm will remain as the productive agricultural land that it now is.

The other major issue is traffic. In addition to losing a valued open space, residents are extremely concerned that the addition of nearly 400 more houses could well mean about 800 more cars on the narrow local roads which they consider to be completely unacceptable and unsustainable.”

The Planning Inspector who approved the development of the land known as “The Meads”, Frampton Cotterell, now nearing completion, referred in her conclusions to the remaining part of Woodlands Farm as: “... ...the agricultural land to the south, where the dry valley form is clearly visible and the land is rural in character........... forming part of the open ‘horseshoe’ setting of Frampton Cotterell.”

Surely this scenic area should be preserved. 

A view of part of the green space which Barratt Developments want to turn into a housing estate