Swan at Nibley

A walk in the countryside between Nibley and Iron Acton following parts of the Frome Valley Walkway. Varied & interesting scenery includes lanes, riverside fields, Robin Wood and Chill Wood. Numerous steps & several stiles. 3.8 miles

Start at The Swan, Badminton Rd, Nibley

  1. Turn Right out of pub car park and then Turn Right into Nibley Lane. (Bridge over R. Frome with old Nibley Mill)

  2. Turn Right into Hope Rd.

  3. Approx 120 metres along, look for stone steps on Right; go over stone stepped stile (4 steps up) into field.

  4. Take trodden path ahead, following edge of field with wall on your right; continue round edge of field with hedge on your right.

  5. In a dip, cross track and continue on trodden path opposite.

  6. Through kissing gate (just after old mill leat) and continue beside river and then through next kissing gate.

  7. Continue either across field or round edge to gate and road ahead. TAKE CARE at road! (it’s possible to avoid road by retracing steps back to stepped stone stile, pts 3 &11)

  8. Cross road to opposite pavement. Turn Left to walk on pavement (for approx 150 metres)

  9. Opposite blue cul-de-sac sign beside house, re-cross road and go down track between house and cul-de-sac sign (locally known as “Dark Alley”).

  10. Follow this footpath to its end (it becomes narrower).

  11. Turn Left onto Hope Rd and walk on this lane (past stepped stile from earlier) to junction.

  12. Turn Right to continue approx. ½ mile along Nibley Lane (narrow - watch & listen for traffic).

  13. As road bends right and up over railway bridge, veer Left through metal gate onto a footpath and go through kissing gate beside another metal farm gate. Follow footpath round to Left.

  14. At field, follow trodden path with hedge on your left, heading toward the left of pylons; follow edge of field round, so you’re now roughly parallel with pylon lines.

  15. Go through kissing gate in corner to next field. Follow hedge on your left toward pylon.

  16. Enter next field and follow round edge with hedge on your left till get to bridge on Left.

  17. Over bridge and Turn Right (part of Tubbs Bottom route in reverse)

  18. Go through kissing gate. Keep Right to go through another kissing gate.

  19. Climb steps up embankment; Turn Right over R.Frome bridge (Detention Reservoir).

  20. (Either down embankment steps – do this if muddy – or:) Straight ahead toward woods and up steps.

  21. Follow path through woods which brings you to field (same field as points 16-17) – follow trodden path, looking for kissing gate on Left leading to steep steps up to railway.

  22. Up steep steps, TAKE CARE over railway, down steps on other side and follow trodden path through (muddy?) gap to follow wire fence up field (roughly parallel to telephone wires).

  23. Over stone stile at top; then Turn Right onto footpath (can get narrow/overgrown).

  24. Continue on footpath to go over stepped stone stile at end.

  25. Turn Left on grassy lane, then (at corner) Left over stile into field.

  26. Follow trodden path diagonally across field to go over stile beside cream house.

  27. Turn Right onto Nibley Lane (narrow - watch & listen for traffic) and continue (approx. 0.8 mile) to end.

  28. Turn Left at end (main road) and then Left into The Swan pub.

Alternative Short Stroll 1.8 miles

Do points 1 – 11 before returning to pub. Otherwise, walk along either lane (Nibley Lane and/or Hope Rd) as far as you wish and then retrace footsteps back to pub.