Wild Flower Meadow

The Solar Farm at Says Court Farm has been designed to provide a wild life habitat amongst the 21st Century technology. The walk includes farmland, woods and the wild flower meadow where you can also see nesting boxes and the "Owl Corridor" which has been planted to encourage voles as food for owls. Particularly recommended for walking in the height of the summer for wild flower blooming. 3.7 miles.

(Thanks to Laura Carter who took the photos of this walk)

Start: The New Inn, Badminton Rd.

    1. Turn Right out of pub car park, past front of pub and then immediately Right along driveway of Say’s Court Farm.

    2. Approx 100 metres before farmhouse, Turn Left through gap between metal farm gate & stone wall (‘bridge’?), onto footpath (yellow arrow sign; large tree trunk behind gate).

    3. At big green (electric?) box, either: a) (if possible) Turn left and then Right to go into field behind green box; follow edge of field toward barns, keeping left of barns to exit field in corner and turn Left to follow farm driveway to its end, or b) (if no easy path round edge of field) Turn Right in front of green box, walk a few metres to go thr’ open gateway; keep right through car park, then Left to re-join farm driveway and continue along this through farmyard. At end of cow shed/barns, follow surfaced driveway round to Left to follow driveway to its end.

    4. As surfaced driveway finishes in field ahead, Turn Right into a field.

    5. Veer diagonally across field to Pylon. Down field, passing just to Left of Pylon, continuing diagonally down to Wild Life Trust information board and stile in corner.

    6. Over stile into Wild Flower Meadow. Follow round edge with hedge on your Left, to go through gap to Left of pylon and into another field.

    7. Veer to left in field to follow yellow arrow sign in order to head toward arches of railway. (From yellow arrow, follow a hedge on your right, under and roughly following pylon lines.)

    8. At 2nd Wild Life Trust board, go behind board and Turn Right (away from a railway bridge).

    9. Follow edge of field with hedge on your Right - If crops in this field, walk single-file between 2 lines of crops. At corner, continue round edge of field to left, then Turn Right to go through gate, over bridge and through another gate.

    10. Continue straight ahead (with solar panels on you right).

    11. Veer Left (away from solar panels) into another field (Yellow arrow sign on gate post) and go straight ahead, down edge of field with hedge on your Right.

    12. Walk over a patch of pebbles (stream under?) into next field.

    13. (Very Slightly Left) Straight across field ahead (trodden path? Or between crops?) toward woods.

    14. Straight ahead into woods on fairly wide path into middle of woods. Path may narrow, follow it round to Right and then take Right fork. Follow path, which turns Left near edge of wood. Follow path to exit woods and Turn Left into field (where we enter woods on Frog Lane walk).

    15. Pass a clump of trees on your Right. Look for Kissing gate on your Left (about 150 metres before Pylon). Through kissing gate into corner of woods; then immediately Right through another kissing gate to exit woods.

    16. Turn Left to follow edge of field (woods on your Left).

    17. At a corner in edge of wood, look for trodden path across field and at other side, Turn Left to follow edge of field (with hedge on your right). Before Pylon, Turn Right across patch of pebbles (stream under?) to re-trace steps up edge of field (hedge on your Left).

    18. Veer left at top, to retrace steps beside solar panels.

    19. At corner, Turn Left to follow edge of solar panels and walk along the “owl corridor” (has plants to encourage voles etc as food for owls), which leads back to Wild Flower Meadow.

    20. At next corner of solar panels, Turn Left to continue up along edge of solar panels and away from Wild Flower Meadow.

    21. Turn Right at oak tree (Wild Life habitat) into next field. Walk straight ahead across top of field (Pylons off to your Right; an owl box on one of oak trees on your Left).

    22. Exit field to Turn Left onto surfaced driveway of farm.

    23. Continue on this driveway, through farmyard, following round to right between cowsheds/barns. Then past farmhouse and re-trace steps along driveway, back to main road and pub.

Short Stroll 1.6 miles

* If you can manage steep stiles, walk to Wild Flower Meadow (points 1-6). Optional walk round Meadow before walking beside solar panels and returning to pub (points 20 -23).

* To avoid steep stile, walk as far as the end of surfaced driveway (points 1- 4) but then walk straight ahead across top of field toward oak tree (passing 3 oak trees, one with owl box).

At oak tree, Turn Left down next field (Solar Panels on your Right, hedge on your Right) into Wild Flower Meadow. Walk round Meadow, returning alongside solar panels to retrace steps and back to pub (points 20 – 23)

* For a slightly longer stroll (approx. 2.2 miles), follow points 1 – 9 but then Turn Right to follow “owl corridor” beside solar panels (points 20 -23) and back to pub.