Village Action Projects

Village Action is a voluntary group whose aim is to achieve improvements in all aspects of village life through working in partnership with residents and local agencies. It was formed in January 2008 following a Village Open Day which resulted in a large number of constructive ideas for improving life in the villages and offers of help from a number of residents. Village Action is not associated with any political parties and consists merely of people wishing to improve various aspects of life in their community.

All residents of Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath are welcome to join Village Action or to put forward ideas for improving our community. Please contact us whether you have just 30 minutes to spare occasionally or have more time or specific skills to offer. 

Our objectives are:
  • to help to improve local facilities, local environment and quality of life for all.
  • to provide opportunities to increase community spirit and provide information about local events, activities and facilities.
  • to provide a channel for informing South Gloucestershire Council, the Parish Council and other agencies of residents’ ideas and opinions.
  • to enable residents to gain increased influence on local decisions.
  • to attract funding for projects suggested by residents.
Since being formed, Village Action has carried out a number of projects. These have included the distribution and analysis of a comprehensive questionnaire seeking the opinions of households in the village on many aspects of village life. The results of the questionnaire have now been adopted by the Parish Council as the Frampton Cotterell Parish Plan.

Current Projects

  1. Village Walks. Frampton Cotterell is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and there is a network of footpaths and quiet lanes which enable walkers to complete circular walks of varying lengths to suit different levels of ability. The Parish Plan indicated that many people valued access to the countryside so we have provided descriptions of local walks to encourage people to explore and enjoy the area.
  2. Plum Tree Planting. Frampton Cotterell used to possess many orchards where fruit was grown for sale in markets in Bristol.  In order to help preserve this aspect of our heritage, Village Action has supported the planting of saplings of the local variety of plum known as the Frampton (or Winterbourne) Magnum.
  3. Tackling invasive Weeds. Himalayan Balsam is an invasive, non-native species which spreads rapidly along our rivers, including the Frome. Village Action has taken part in working parties organised by the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum for the past few years. We have now received a donation of equipment which will allow us to tackle the problem ourselves.
  4. Good Neighbours Scheme.  Village Action has set up a voluntary Good Neighbours Scheme in the village. Under this scheme, people willing to offer some of their time are registered. People in the village who’d like some help are able to call a central phone number and are then be put in touch with a volunteer to arrange for the help to be provided.
  5. Litter bin painting. To make litter bins more visible and to encourage people to use them, local schools and youth groups have been invited to create designs for painting litter bins and to take part in painting of bins in the area. The designs were judged at the end of June and the prize of family tickets for Bristol Zoo awarded. The best designs will now be painted on bins.  Volunteers to help with the painting or supervising youngsters would be welcome.
  6. Green Dog Walking Scheme. Dog fouling in our streets was a major concern raised by people responding to the Village Action Questionnaire. To help tackle this problem the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have initiated a Green Dog Walking Scheme which has been shown in other areas to have a positive effect. Village Action now manages that scheme on behalf of the Parish Council.
  7. Neighbourhood Watch. Village Action will continue to offer information and encouragement to set up schemes in those streets that do not have them.
  8. Litter Picking  Village Action set up a litter picking group 5 years ago. A team of volunteers meet up at 10.00am on the last Wednesday of every month for a couple of hours litter picking around the village. We are supported by South Glos Council. It's good fun and healthy exercise, so please get in touch if you would like to join us.