Plum tree planting

There used to be a number of orchards in Frampton Cotterell which supplied fruit to local markets. A local variety of plum, the Frampton Magnum, can still be found growing in people's gardens or in hidden corners of the village.

In order to ensure this aspect of our heritage is preserved, some saplings have been raised by our local fruit expert, Graham White (aka "Mr Fruit") and have now been planted in the Community Orchard.

Youngsters from the local Watermore School joined community volunteers in digging holes, planting and securing the trees. The trees will need a few years to grow to a size large enough to produce fruit after which all members of the community will be able to enjoy the Frampton Plum.

The Community Orchard is located in Glebe Fields which can be found alongside the River Frome between St Peter's Church and Rectory Road. In addition to the newly planted plum trees there is a variety of apple trees which regularly produce a good crop of apples in late summer/autumn. Everyone is welcome to help themselves!