Frampton Lanes

A walk around the lanes of Frampton Cotterell for when the fields are too muddy for even the hardiest of walkers! Takes in some of the more historic sights of the village (italicised below). More information can be found in The Heritage Walks booklet.

Start outside café in Church Rd. These buildings were the centre of local Grocery trade from mid 18th century to 2000.

  1. Take lane to right of Cafe (beside 153 Church Rd, site of former Methodist Chapel) and follow lane behind cafe, then Turn Right into Lower Stone Close.

  2. Follow pavement to take Right fork onto Upper Stone Close & walk to far end.

  3. Follow footpath to WINDMILL: used between about 1825-1920s for grinding low quality corn for farm animals. Sails were removed in 19th century, then it was powered by steam. Top 3 metres were unsafe & removed in 1960s. Became a house in 1990.

  4. Cross end of Ryecroft Rd and Turn Right into Woodend Rd. House names of 124 & 124a are clues as to the small shops that used to be here.

  5. Turn 1st Right into Gladstone Lane. Look for the old well (on right) that was typical of Frampton cottages.Turn Left at end of Lane

  6. Walk to end of Ryecroft Rd where the Rising Sun faces you.

  7. Either, -to avoid steps, take the road immediately on Left, Brockridge Lane. You will pass the top of steps on right, or- turn Left at end to go down Southview, looking for steps on left. Go up steps and Turn Right at end into Brockridge Lane.

  8. At end of Brockridge Lane Turn Left to go up Woodend Rd.

  9. Take 1st Right to go down West Ridge (quite steep)

  10. Turn Right at bottom and go to end of Footes Lane.

  11. Turn Left into Woodend Rd and then enter playing field via gate on Left.

  12. Follow edge of playing field (behind houses built on site of Golden Lion) to exit, just before play area, into Beesmoor Rd.

  13. Turn Left into Beesmoor Rd and continue along to Turn Right into Heather Avenue.

  14. Look for the SECOND entrance to park, on left, and follow the path past pond and play area, to exit into Beesmoor Rd. Cross road Wide buggies can avoid narrow path by taking road opposite, Lower Chapel Lane, then 1st left up steep Mill Close to meet others near top.Take signed footpath almost opposite park gate (it’s narrow & steep), cross Mill Close to continue along footpath which eventually leads to Upper Chapel Lane.

  15. Follow this road to end. You will pass the original Zion Chapel (1795, now the Hall) before reaching 1873 Zion Chapel at end.

  16. Turn Right into Woodend Rd, then Right into Lower Chapel Lane, with a glimpse of the Victorian building of Brockeridge School on your left.

  17. Cross road, pass Hillside Close on left and look for footpath between houses on left (If you reach Bell Rd, you’ve gone too far).

  18. Follow this lane to end. This land used to belong to Coop; you can see concrete bases toward end of lane – ‘The Piggeries’ which supplied the coop butcher that was in Woodend Rd, opposite the Coop General Store & Haberdashery (now Nisa foodstore).

  19. Veer Right and follow The Land to its end.

  20. Turn Right into Woodend Rd and continue along road, past House number 19 on site of former Bethel Chapel, to former Post Office.

  21. Turn Right into Church Lane, then 1st Left; Turn Left at end onto Badminton Rd and then immediately Left back into Woodend Rd.

  22. Turn 1st Right before former Post Office, into The Ridge and keeping Right into Oakleaze.

  23. Turn 1st Left into Heathcote Drive, going up the footpath at end. The house on left used to be an old bakery.

  24. Turn 1st Right and then left at end.

  25. Immediately, look for footpath on right and follow path to end. Turn Left onto road.

  26. Again, Immediately look for footpath on right and follow Fire Engine Lane to end. The Fire Engine & The Horseshoe – 2 pubs (site now Horseshoe Close) that used to stand side by side in The Causeway.

  27. Turn Left and follow Alexandra Rd to end.

  28. Turn right into The Causeway (cross road for pavement) and continue to end.

  29. Turn Right, crossing road as soon as poss, and follow this road back to Church Rd & Café.

Using the map. The map shows the main walk in yellow and alternative routes in red. The Start/End point is marked with a yellow diamond and points of interest on the route are marked with a red pin. Click on a red pin to see descriptions and photos.

Use the +/- buttons at the bottom of the map to zoom in or out. Use the icon at the top right of the map to get a full screen image.