Village Walks

Frampton Cotterell is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside which is easily accessible by walkers. There is a network of footpaths and quiet lanes which enable walkers to complete circular walks of varying lengths to suit different levels of ability. To encourage people to explore and enjoy the area, we have pulled together descriptions of a number of walks from, for example, Walking to Health.

You can use a smartphone to access each of the walk descriptions while out on a walk. Alternatively, if you prefer a printed copy of the description, you can print a copy of the walk from your browser.

The maps on this website are for guidance only. For detail maps showing footpaths etc, use OS Explorer maps 155 or 167.

While enjoying your walk, look out for some of the interesting wildlife which can be seen in the countryside around Frampton Cotterell. 

A stroll along the River Frome to Algars Manor on the edge of Iron Acton, 3.5 miles

A walk following parts of the old Dramway to visit Bitterwell Lake in Henfield, 3.75 miles.

Past Blackberry Brake woodland to cross the Kendleshire golf course, 3.5 miles.

Along dramatic sections of the Frome Valley Walkway and visiting the Iron Age fort at Bury Hill, Winterbourne Down, 3.5 miles.

Enjoy the daffodils in Frampton Cotterell before heading across the open fields towards Iron Acton, 2.6 miles.

An easy access stroll along the Frome and taking in part of the neighbouring hamlet of Watley's End, 3.25 miles.

A walk around the lanes of Frampton Cotterell for when the fields are too muddy, 3.25 miles.

A walk towards Westerleigh with glimpses of Coalpit Heath's mining heritage, 3.5 miles. 

  Down the River Frome to Huckford viaduct and the quarry (now a nature reserve), 4 miles. 

Across the fields to Iron Acton and a visit to some of its ancient lanes, 3.5 miles.

An alternative route to Iron Acton starting at St Peter's Church, 4 miles.

  A rural walk to the Mayshill hamlet returning via Tubbs Bottom, 3.5 miles.

A visit to the Monks' Pool and Bradley Brook Nature reserves, 3.5 miles. ds to Iron Acton and a visit to some of its ancient lanes, 3.5 miles.

Over Ram Hill to Bitterwell Lake returning via Kendleshire Golf Course, 3.75 miles

 Varied countryside between Nibley and Iron Acton, 3.8 miles. 

A visit to Iron Acton, Chill Wood and the flood retention dam at Tubbs Bottom, 4 miles.

In addition to these circular walks, you can explore further afield with: 

A path following the River Frome from its source to the centre of the Bristol  and which passes through the centre of the village, 

A 9 mile long path following the path of the 19th century railway which took coal from Coalpit Heath to the River Avon.

Village Action have also been involved in the production of two walks booklets: "Heritage Walks" and "Hatters' Trails".  

Heritage Walks Booklet Issue 2.pdf