Frampton beside River Frome

An enjoyable rural walk including the Easy Access part of the Frome Valley Walkway and a corner of Watley's End. Crosses the Centenary Field with its distinctive red wheel which commemorates Frampton Cotterell's association with iron and coal mining and also the Glebe Field where the community orchard provides flowers in spring and fruit in autumn! Mostly flat.

Start at St Peter’s Church in Church Rd. Approx 3.25 miles

  1. Walk along Mill Lane, beside Church, and turn left along path past allotments to enter Centenary field.

  2. Walk through centre of Centenary field, past the Beacon & toward red Mining Wheel.Go to left of Wheel and follow trodden path, turning Right behind Wheel and along edge of Centenary Field, watching for kissing gate exit on left.

  3. Turn Right into farm field & follow trodden path, going into next field via stile among bushes in corner.

  4. Continue on trodden path, looking for gap on Right to go down to small grass area on riverbank..

  5. Follow path to left and continue along riverside – TAKE CARE, can be slippery - as far as possible (this varies with low or flooded river levels), climbing up short bank to field when necessary.

  6. Continue parallel with river, following trodden path straight ahead among trees.

  7. Ignore path to small girder bridge on right, but climb bank on left to follow trodden path between blackberry bushes (this can be very muddy).

  8. Head for wooden stakes and follow path between these to climb stile ahead (or gate if open).

  9. Continue straight ahead toward kissing gate and go through this into trees at edge of Centenary field.

  10. Follow trodden path on edge of Centenary field, keeping Right to exit via stone stile on Right.

  11. Follow this path between houses to exit onto Church Rd via another stile.

  12. Cross Church Rd WITH CARE and take the Beaufort Rd, almost opposite.

  13. Turn 1st left into Winchcombe Rd and continue to bottom of road.

  14. Turn Right and go along Brookside Drive, following pathway at end and steps or slope down to Rectory Rd.

  15. Turn Right up Rectory Rd and then 1st left into Park Row.

  16. Enter playing fields on Right and walk round field, past play area and to left of pavilion.

  17. Continue round edge of next part of playing fields to exit via stile at corner of Court Rd/Watleys End.

  18. Cross road and follow it to the Right, looking for pathway between houses, opposite Rylestone Close.

  19. Continue on this path (over stiles) between playing fields to its end.

  20. Turn left into Watley’s End Rd and follow this back to the corner of playing field (for safety, cross road before corner), to turn Right into Nightingale Lane.

  21. Follow this lane, keeping Right down the hill to Nightingale Bridge.Just after the bridge, turn left through kissing gate into field and follow Frome Valley Walkway, through gates, beside river and round edge of field to exit via kissing gate into Rectory Rd (beside Bridge House with its miniature railway lines).

  22. Turn left into Rectory Rd; cross Parsonage footbridge and immediately turn Right to walk across the Glebe Fields, past the community orchard and back to Church Rd.

  23. Cross road at the traffic island to return to Church. Refreshments in pub (check opening hours).

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