Completed Projects

Since being formed, Village Action has completed the following projects:

    1. The development and analysis of a Community Questionnaire seeking the opinions of households in the village on many aspects of village life. The questionnaire which went to all households in Frampton Cotterell and the adjoining part of Coalpit Heath in March 2009 has been processed and the results now form the basis of the Frampton Cotterell Parish Plan which was approved by the Parish Council in December 2012.

    2. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the development of the questionnaire and the analysis of the 933 responses which we received from households in the community.

    3. The development and analysis of a Youth Questionnaire seeking the opinions of young people in the village on how they feel about life in Frampton Cotterell. The results from the Youth Questionnaire now form part of the Frampton Cotterell Parish Plan which was approved by the Parish Council in December 2012.

    4. The production of a Heritage Walks Booklet in cooperation with the Local History Society.

    5. Village Action collected information about local activities, clubs and groups into a catalogue. Because this was difficult to keep up to date as information changed, it has since been superseded by links to individual websites.

    6. Plum Tree Planting. Frampton Cotterell used to possess many orchards where fruit was grown for sale in markets in Bristol. In order to help preserve this aspect of our heritage, Village Action has supported the planting of saplings of the local variety of plum known as the Frampton (or Winterbourne) Magnum.

    7. Bat box building. Bats are under pressure partly because of a reduction in suitable roosting sites. We organised a couple of practical sessions at which residents were able to build their own bat boxes using tools and materials supplied by Village Action. Residents were able to take the completed boxes home to erect in a suitable location or presented them to the Parish Council who arranged to install them at the Centenary Field where there is a known population of bats.

    8. Tennis Courts in School Road opened FREE for use by under 18s on Wednesdays.

    9. Summer Picnics in The Park with the option of a walk beforehand. If you are interested in attending then please contact us.

    10. New Day-time Group “Village Friends” formed, meeting at Brockeridge Centre 11am-noon every Wednesday for coffee, socialising, trips and monthly lunch out.

    11. Party in the Park. A day of activities for young people was organised in June 2011. A large number of youngsters from across the community had an enjoyable day taking part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

    12. Mobile Cinema. A mobile cinema evening was organised at Crossbow House.

    13. Jubilee Festival 2012. Together with other community groups and local businesses, Village Action help to organise a festival to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. This was hugely enjoyable and also raised more than £1,000 for charity through charitable donations.

    14. Housing Development. The Village Action Questionnaire showed that the majority of people in the village was opposed to large scale housing development. Village Action supported the campaign against the proposed new development of nearly 400 houses on a green field site at Woodlands Farm.

Other activities in which Village Action have been involved:

  1. Fly-Tipping removed from Frampton End Road & Bridleway off Perrinpit Road.

  2. Pavement Repairs arranged in Church Rd, Park Lane & Perrinpit Road following reports from residents.

  3. Right of Way – Tubbs Bottom footpath re-opened with new signs and kissing gates.

  4. Anti-Social Behaviour in The Park – support given for action to combat this.

  5. Reduced Street Lighting - the Parish Council were informed of residents’ responses to this question in Village Action’s questionnaire and have since implemented this scheme.