Ram Hill Lanes and Lake

Suitable for infant buggies. Pleasant walk along footpaths & quiet country lanes with a particularly pretty section beside golf course. Includes old Dramway and interesting relics of a coal mining era, such as a horse gin (horse-drawn mechanism to raise and lower coal and men in shaft). Diversion for buggies to avoid stile and mud. Optional walk round Lake (please don't disturb anglers), where there are seats. Next to Bitterwell Lake is a children’s play area with lovely wooden play equipment.

Start at Village Hall/Miners’ Arms, Badminton Rd

  1. Turn Left from Village Hall and immediately Left into South View Crescent.

  2. Go straight ahead to follow path next to Manor Field and then between Manor Hall and school.

  3. Cross road and walk straight ahead along Henfield Rd, under Railway Bridge & then Left into Ram Hill (road).

  4. Those without buggies, after maybe 200 metres or so, Turn Right onto footpath and follow it through kissing gate to next road by cricket clubhouse. Those with buggies, continue along Ram Hill, following it to Turn Right at corner then go to step 6 below.

  5. Turn Left (Serridge Lane) and then Right at end (Ram Hill)

  6. Walk down hill and turn Left into Bitterwell Lake recreational area where there are seats or you may like to walk round lake (take care not to disturb fishermen).

  7. Walk along the path above lake into the play area then veer Right and keep Right to walk past the community hall to the road. Cross road to take lane opposite. (Pause at house ahead on next junction in lane to look into garden to see remains of an old Horse Gin.)

  8. Turn Right, along lane to see the rest of ‘New Engine’ colliery workshops etc – now dwellings. This will lead round corner to Henfield Rd, where you turn Left (A better view of Horse Gin can be seen a little way along, in garden on left)

  9. Those without buggies, Turn Right into lane (take care crossing Henfield Rd). Those with buggies cross road carefully and enter Golf Course, following path to Club House; go to step 12 below.

  10. Turn Right up first track toward house.

  11. Go thr’ gate at end of track (On your Right) and turn Left onto Golf Course road.

  12. At car park in front of club house, Turn Right and follow path round edge of golf course. Those without buggies keep Right after toilet. Those with buggies keep Left after toilet and look for gate on right to exit and Turn Right onto Ruffet Rd (go to 14 below)

  13. Use stile beside gate (or gate if unlocked) turn Right onto road (Ruffet Rd).

  14. Left at cross roads into Henfield Rd but cross this road to walk on pavement.

  15. Follow Henfield Road, under Railway and back past Ring O’ Bells pub.

  16. Cross road ahead to re-trace steps straight ahead along path between Manor Hall and school. Then straight ahead to follow South View Crescent back to Village Hall. (Badminton Arms is further along main road)

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